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Terms and Conditions

Vrinja Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully Vrinja Terms & Conditions, before adding your business.

  • is public business directory, so anyone can view all entries / details.
  • We have take enough care to protect data i.e. prevent copy or select data but some technical and advanced IT person can copy it by tweaking temporary browser settings.
  • This is business directory is public and aimed to provide contact details to public, that’s why some of your data i.e. Address, email address and contact numbers are also visible to everyone.
  • We provides enough SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service to our client but it doesn’t guarantee to place your business at top in search engine.
  • We take enough care about formatting your content i.e. font size, bold texts, spelling check etc… but as human being, some errors or spelling mistakes may occurs. You can contact us anytime for correcting any errors.
  • Sometimes our system add “Related” or “See also” links with all or some listing. Please note that, all those links are automatic and sometimes, it not 100% related to content. This system is totally automated, so you have to accept these links.
  •  website design i.e., Font style, colors and layout is NOT fixed, we may change in it as per some technical requirement. We can’t change it individually for single listing.
  • Business description is client-side work and you have to provide us. We are also offering writing content / description for you but its not free service.
  • provides several features / business solutions i.e., Local business directory (including all business information), Job posting, Product showcase, Offer posting, Image gallery, Social media links etc… Please note that we can add or remove above mentioned feature without prior notice.
  • We also accept banner ads and displaying it on website for revenue purposes. You can contact us for placing your business at premium location (i.e. at top of Homepage or in sidebar).
  • using your computer’s cookie (small amount of some technical data) to provide you better service. Actually this cookie is used by other third parties i.e. Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Webmaster etc, NOT used by us.
  • Sometimes, our website might down or not working due to heavy load on servers. Its totally technical thing and we don’t have 100% control over this. We are taking enough care and using VPS (Virtual Private Server) but it also have some limitations. We don’t guarantee for 100% server uptime.
  • Photos / images provided by owners might be compress to save data and speed up the webpage.
  • All photos are accessible publicly, so we advise that please check twice your photos before uploading.
  • All above terms & conditions are not permanent, we can change it anytime without prior notice.

By adding your business to, you are agree to all above Terms and Conditions.

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